Catering weddings, corporate, and special events.

We are a family-run company dating back from the year 1990, where the owners came back from school in Seattle and realized that back then there were nobody serving high-quality barbeque dishes in Jakarta. From thereon, it’s all history. Growing from a small and exclusive catering company, now 30 years later, we are one of the premiere catering companies in town, serving big weddings of 6000 guests to serving private events for inspirational leaders, such as Christine Lagarde and the President of the Republic of Indonesia to name a few.

Our team comprises of more than 100 passionate and skilled employees, consisting of cooks, admin staff, sales staff, waiters, and also warehouse staff. We are led by Nita
Hanafiah, as well as her two daughters, Andra Hanafiah and Avanda Hanafiah.

As a seasoned accountant and auditor, Nita Hanafiah is the Founder and CEO of Al’s Catering. She singlehandedly built a company from 3 employees to an army of a hundred. One of her mottos that quickly became our company culture is “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Nita Hanafiah - founder + Ceo

With Pastry Arts background, Andra Hanafiah is the Creative Director who manages the pastry department, decorations department, company branding, and also marketing. Her main focus is to create a fresh yet timeless F&B Brand that stands the test of time. 

Andra Hanafiah - Creative Director

Avanda Hanafiah, on the other hand, is the F&B Director who makes executive decisions on menus. Together with Andra, she also graduated from the International Culinary Center, NYC, majoring in Culinary Arts. Her main interest is creating wonderful and interactive food stations using market-driven ingredients. Her dedication to building a solid kitchen team makes her the true kitchen boss.

Avanda Hanafiah - F&B Director

Together, the three ladies thrive to build a company that is solid, professional, and of course, work with love.